Enhanced Client Input Fix

This program allows you to fix a bug with Cyrillic input in Ultima Online Enhanced Client.

How it works?

1. Put the program into any folder (preferably in a folder with the game).
2. If you run the program, not the folder with the game - run the game. If the folder with the game - skip this paragraph.
3. Run the program.
4. If for some reason the program does not grab a window - click the tray icon on it and within 3 seconds to make a window active UO.

Little tip:

To correctly display the characters in the chat:
1. Then click the right button on the System tab or the Journal.
2. Font.
3. In the menu that appears, select the font Arial.
4. Close.

(Russian version)
  Latest news:
  23.09.2010. Beta 2.
Fixed problem where the fix didn't work in a system with a set of English keyboard layout by default.
  21.09.2010. Beta 1.
Most importantly thanks Chingiz for it's development, without which nothing had happened. Thanks Phi Hoe Pate for beautiful circles :) Thanks darkden for hosting. Thanks Tourist for help in the testing.

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